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20 October 2005 Edition

INTERVIEW - Outgoing Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland Ali Halimeh talks to An Phoblacht

20 October 2005

Dr Ali Halimeh has been the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland for the past four years. During his time here he has highlighted the truth behind the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and has built strong relations with Sinn Féin. He has attended and spoke at the party's Ard Fheiseanna for several years. He will shortly be leaving Ireland to take up the post of Palestinian Ambassador to South Africa. Free article

Interview - Mícheál Ó Seighin of the Rossport 5 talks to An Phoblacht

20 October 2005

Following the release of the five Mayo men jailed for refusing to submit to an injunction against their activities in opposing the gas pipeline through their lands, one of the men, Mícheál O Seighin, spoke to An Phoblacht's Cathal Ó Murchu Free article

Opinion: Protestants and republicanism - BY FEILIM O hADHMAILL

20 October 2005

The last few weeks in the North have brought into focus once again the difficulties faced by republicans in achieving acceptance among large sections of the unionist community for even quite modest change - never mind the Irish Republic we strive for. Free article

Action needed to end poverty - BY KATHY STANTON MLA

20 October 2005

Daily there is further evidence of the true extent of poverty in Ireland and across the world. Behind each statistic is the daily experience of families, older people, lone parents and children - the most vulnerable in our society, struggling against endemic poverty. Free article


20 October 2005

A book on the printer to the 1916 Rising is reviewed by Mícheál Mac Donncha and Gerry Adams is back in print with a book outlining the republican vision for the future. Free article

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Fifth Column

20 October 2005

An Phoblacht's famous satirical weekly column. Free article

Bac ar dul chun cinn - LE CATHAL Ó MURCHÚ

20 October 2005

Bac ar dul chun cinn - LE CATHAL Ó MURCHÚ Tar éis an méid atá ráite ag an Athair Alec Reid faoi na hAontachtóirí a bheith cosúil le Naitsithe, ceadaítear do na hAontachtóirí é seo a úsáid mar leithscéal chun cosc nó bac a chur ar aon dul chun cinn polaitiúil. Ní hé seo an chéad uair atá sé seo déanta acu. Free article

Dúirt Siad...

20 October 2005

The week in quotes. Free article

One Day in October: Remembering the Past - BY SHANE Mac THOMÁIS

20 October 2005

On 21 October 1917 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returned secretly to the Russian city of Petrograd, disguised as a train engineer. He had come to participate in a historic meeting of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. Free article

'Anomie' and the County Final

20 October 2005

One of the great superstitions of Dublin football is that the county team is only successful when there is one strong dominant club that provides the backbone for the senior team. St Vincents fulfilled that role in the 1950s, early '60s and '70s and while there have been pretenders since - Ballymun Kickhams, Erin's Isle, Thomas Davis and Na Fianna, none set their stamp on the Dublin team in the same way. Free article

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