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11 August 2005 Edition

Neodracht i mbaol!

11 August 2005

The native Irish ruling class has always displayed a tendency towards imperialism and regarded their own people as cannon fodder to this end. It is in this context that Irish neutrality is constantly under threat from the same quarretrs today and very fits into what was observed by James Connolly. Free article

Dúshlán gan Ola!

11 August 2005

A little known South American Indian tribe gave the world a warning of the dangers the world faced if respect wasn't shown to the environment. This message was given little credence at the time but as oil peaks gloom, climate change beckons and disasters threaten, their words seem all the more immediate now, in building a world that can survive without carbon-based fuels. Free article

Seven steps to the all-Ireland economy

11 August 2005

Demilitarisation, fair and effective policing commanding community support, the Good Friday Agreement institutions up and running, progress on justice reform and a new bill of rights are all important aspects of the Peace Process. In recent weeks it is some of these issues that have, in the aftermath of July's IRA announcement, been given prominence in the media. Free article

The Seven Year Itch

11 August 2005

Making his re-appearance in An Phoblacht this week after a seven year absence, Seán O Donaíle describes, in his own inimitable fashion, the changes that have taken place in Ireland in the intervening period. Free article

A just solution is the way out of conflict - Leila Khaled

11 August 2005

Iconic figure of the Palestinian struggle, and member of the Palestinian National Council, Leila Khaled was in Ireland last week at the invitation of Féile An Phobail at which she was scheduled to speak. However, having been refused a visa by the British Government to enter the Six Counties, she was confined to the 26 Counties where she addressed public meetings in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Leila did eventually manage to speak to people at the Belfast Féile, thanks to a video link. Free article

Time to change outdated notions of family

11 August 2005

The Oireachtas All-Party Committee on the Constitution is currently in the process of reviewing those articles in the 1937 Constitution which address the position of the family and children. It is due to complete its considerations in the coming months. The outcome has the potential to have a significant impact on the lives of people in the 26 Counties, particularly in respect of children's rights and fathers' rights. Free article

0utstanding performance of 18th Féile

11 August 2005

One of this country's premier festivals, Féile an Phobail has just completed its consecutive 18-year run with an outstanding weeklong performance. Year on year West Belfast's Féile an Phobail organisers present a package of entertainment which mixes music, dance, comedy, drama, debate, lectures, history tours over hills and graveyards and exhibitions. This year's carnival parade which kickstarts the jamboree was particularly impressive with the colourful turnout of GAA clubs from the West. Free article

Fifth Column

11 August 2005

The republican funnies page Free article

Remembering the Past - The Funeral of O'Donovan Rossa

11 August 2005

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa died in the USA on 29 June 1915 an unrepentant Fenian to the last. His widow, a Fenian herself, was determined that he should lie in Irish soil, and obtained, after a short struggle, permission for him to be taken back. When Tom Clarke received news from John Devoy in America concerning the passing of O'Donovan Rossa he saw the potential support that could be aroused in the Irish people for republicanism and replied by telegram to Devoy "SEND HIS BODY HOME AT ONCE" Free article

Confessions of a Red Handed Dub

11 August 2005

Now it's getting interesting! Thirty-three teams began the football championship; only six remain standing. While the qualifier system has produced some upsets and good matches, it is perhaps significant that the eight counties to reach the quarter-finals are, or were, all provincial finalists. The first semi-final will see a repeat of the Munster decider and it is possible that the second could be a re-run of either the Leinster or Ulster showdowns. Free article

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