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3 February 2005 Edition

From Bogside to Basra

3 February 2005

Addressing the theme of the 2005 Bloody Sunday commemoration, Time for Truth: from Bogside to Basra, a number of speakers came together in Derry's Gasyard Centre last Thursday to discuss the illegal occupation of Iraq by the US and Britain and the flawed, US controlled election process which was gearing up for polling day on 30 January. Free article

Debating the act of remembrance

3 February 2005

There was a glorious moment on Saturday afternoon in the Bogside when it seemed as though Gregory Campbell MLA of the DUP had come to participate in the Conflicts of Remembrance panel debate so that he could actually engage with the nationalist community; to share in an open and constructive way the hopes and fears which each community holds, where those respective hopes and fears might intertwine and how the community collectively should remember the victims of 30 years of conflict. Free article

Exposing Britain's 'illusion of neutrality'

3 February 2005

Four years after the last Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture and the day after the very last witness had given evidence to the Saville Inquiry from Derry's Guildhall, Geraldine Finucane took to the stage in the newly vacated hall of the same building to deliver a stinging rebuke to the British Government over its repeated failure to hold an independent public inquiry into the murder of her husband, Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. Free article

I fought the law - Talking to Arthur Scargill 20 years after the Miners' Strike

3 February 2005

The 1984 British Miners' Strike caught the public's attention, not just because of its length, but also because it resulted in some of the most vicious and bloody clashes between protestors and state forces of any strike in living memory. Free article

The 5th Column

3 February 2005

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Tús an Earraigh agus Tréimhsí eile na Bliana

3 February 2005

With the beginning of spring, AN DRAOI RUA has taken the opportunity to give a brief account of how the ancient Celts divided up their time Free article

Modern Griffiti

3 February 2005

In the pantheon of republican thought, there is usually little space given over to consideration of Arthur Griffith. Contemporary republicans often seem more preoccupied, perhaps rightly, with the who, what and when of the last 40 years, rather than events at the beginning of the 20th Century. Free article

Eight gunned down in Belfast in two days - Remembering the Past

3 February 2005

In two days of February 1992, 13 years ago, eight nationalists were killed in Belfast. On Tuesday 4 September at 1.15pm at the Sinn Féin offices on the Lower Falls in Belfast, a man entered the building and claimed that he was a journalist there for a press interview. When the office door attendant, Paddy Loughran, notified the duty press officer of the man's arrival, he was told that no such interview was arranged. As the press officer told Paddy that he was on his way down to check out the inquiry, Paddy shouted over the intercom "he's got a gun". Free article

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