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17 June 2004 Edition

Hello Mary Lou

17 June 2004

An Phoblacht editor MARTIN SPAIN was among those who waited at the RDS on Sunday for a result, and waited... Free article

Republican message is heard at last

17 June 2004

As the train pulled into Connolly Station I noticed out of the corner of my eye over a bridge a short distance away two men at a lamp post taking down an election poster. On closer inspection, I saw the two men were Gardaí. One was at the foot of a ladder supporting it and the other one was up the ladder removing a Proinsias de Rossa poster. Free article

A picture paints a thousand words

17 June 2004

Just after 9pm on Sunday, Mary Lou McDonald, accompanied by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, strode purposefully into the Simmonscourt Pavilion at Dublin's RDS. Her reception was phenomenal. What must have been 30 to 40 cameras began flashing frantically, supporters whooped and cheered, journalists scrambled to hear what she had to say. Free article

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Election 2004 Duirt Siad

17 June 2004

Sinn Féin landslide - historic shift as Bertrie rocked and SF enjoys sweeping electoral gains. - Ireland on Sunday front-page banner headline. Free article

Draíocht Darach

17 June 2004

According to the celtic calender, it is now time for us to appreciate the oak tree, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Deir na scríobhaithe Rómhánacha linn gurbh í an dair an chrann ba thábhachtaí a bhí ag na Ceiltigh fadó. Mar a thuigimid féin, áfach, tá meas againn ar na crainn ar fad ach is cinnte go bhfuil áit ar leith inár gcroíthe don dair. Free article

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