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22 May 2003 Edition

They cancel elections and kill 'their own' citizens

22 May 2003

It has been a bad few weeks for the British government, its policy makers and those trying to wreck the peace process, writes JIM GIBNEY Free article

'Stakeknife' turns out to have blunt British blade

22 May 2003

The naming of 'Stakeknife' exposed the way the media becomes a willing participant in the so-called 'dirty war', writes ADAM O'TOOLE. Free article

The Ireland that we dream of?

22 May 2003

In the first of a series of articles exploring the nature of the republican vision, PAUL O'CONNOR examines the changes in Irish society and notions of identity since de Valera's time. Free article

Unionist debates equality in West Belfast

22 May 2003

Dermot Nesbitt has a fragmented and narrow notion of sectarianism, based almost exclusively upon individual attitude, argues LAURA FRIEL Free article


22 May 2003

Basque cultural, grassroots, language, media, and youth organisations have been the target of the Spanish establishment's latest campaign of repression and banning. The right-wing Spanish government, headed by José María Aznar - with the help of the Spanish judiciary- has waged a war against anything symbolising Basque identity and resistance. After the banning of Batasuna on 17 March, the Spanish government is set to prevent Basque pro-independence citizens groups and political organisations from participating in the local elections on 25 May, effectively preventing more than 100,000 Basques of their right to vote for what they believe in. Free article

Teacht na bhFáinleog

22 May 2003

This week, AN DRAOI RUA talks about the folklore of swallows; a few of them are expecting a summer in Ireland Free article


22 May 2003

What happens when a former RUC officer and his wife discover that the man working in their kitchen is an IRA ex-prisoner who killed a policeman? That's the scenario in Dubbeljoint Theatre Company's latest play, A Cold House, which opens on Tuesday 3 June in Amharclann na Carraige on the Whiterock Road in West Belfast. Free article

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