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27 March 2003 Edition

The missing piece

27 March 2003

Ken Keable is a member of the Connolly Association, a London-based Irish political organisation founded in 1938 and based on James Connolly's principle of Labour/Republican unity. In a new pamphlet directed at the people of Britain, Ken examines the roots of the conflict in the Six Counties and explains the importance of people in Britain playing a part in helping to solve it. The following is an extract from this informative and engaging pamphlet. Free article

The new wage slaves

27 March 2003

Two years ago, Mary Harney announced that Ireland would need 200,000 immigrant workers if we were to achieve the implementation of the National Plan. Free article

The forgotten massacre: One year after Jenin

27 March 2003

Twelve months have gone by of total indifference and silence on the part of the international community. Free article

Ag Marú ar son Buamaí

27 March 2003

According to some military experts, the war against the people of Iraq is really a testing ground for newly developed superweapons, payback time for the arms' industry support for George Bush, argues AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Still tangled up in red, white and blue

27 March 2003

David Ervine, Uncharted Waters By Henry Sinnerton Brandon €23.40/£16.99 (hb) Free article

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