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20 March 2003 Edition

A month of madness

20 March 2003

The first three weeks of March 1988 left an indelible impression on the political landscape of the North and its reverberations are still felt today, writes An Phoblacht's ÁINE Ní BHRIAN Free article

Remembering Rosemary Nelson

20 March 2003

This month marks the fourth anniversary of Rosemary Nelson, the Lurgan defence lawyer who died in a booby trap car bombing in March 1999. Like the earlier killing of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane, shot dead a decade before in February 1989, the circumstances surrounding the killing of Rosemary Nelson bear all the same hallmarks of state collusion. Free article

Haughey and Harney's housing interests

20 March 2003

Charles Haughey, Mary Harney and the Irish banking sector were all working hard this week in representing the unequal two-tier Ireland, where the haves always win at the expense of the have nots. Surprised? Forget about the debate on the justice of the war on Iraq for just a moment and think about the nature of justice in Irish political and economic life. Free article

Remembering the Past

20 March 2003

Donegal women in the Civil War Free article

Israelis kill American peace activist in Palestine

20 March 2003

On 16 March, there were three more deaths in the Gaza Strip, among them an American activist with the International Solidarity Movement, killed by an Israeli bulldozer. One Palestinian man in Rafah and an adolescent in Khan Yunis were also killed. Free article

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