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20 February 2003 Edition

Have you heard anything, John Stevens?

20 February 2003

London Metropolitan Police Chief John Stevens, who has headed three consecutive inquires into the question of collusion over a decade, was photographed last week holding a "Crimestoppers" poster. Can you help? Ran the poster's headline appeal for witnesses. Free article

Towards a survival strategy for Irish agriculture

20 February 2003

Last week, ROISIN DE ROSA examined how the EU and Dublin government have wrought havoc with a key economic sector - agriculture Free article

Millions march for peace across the globe

20 February 2003

Millions of people walked the streets of the world's major cities last weekend to oppose the war against Iraq Free article

Fáilte roimh an Bheatha

20 February 2003

With the coming of spring, AN DRAOI RUA has decided to dwell upon some of the customs surrounding the marvels of childbirth Free article

Speaking of war criminals

20 February 2003

Heavy-hitting, factual documentaries are hard to come by these days, but The Trials Of Henry Kissinger (Network 2) provided a timely and disturbing account of US power and Henry Kissinger's malicious disregard for human life in exercising it. The programme drew its narrative from Christopher Hitchens' book of the same name, put pictures to the words, and threw some talking heads into the mix. Free article

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