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23 January 2003 Edition

Are unionists 'victims' of their own myth making?

23 January 2003

There's a pivotal scene in Thomas Hardy's novel, The Mayor of Casterbridgeí in which the distraught Mayor is confronted by a scaffold, which Hardy describes as "incomplete without a victim". Free article

The most practical strand of the plan for a united Ireland

23 January 2003

Over the last few weeks, JOANNE CORCORAN has been looking at the work of the All Ireland Implementation Bodies Free article

Corporations exacerbate child mortality in Africa

23 January 2003

When it comes to deciding between people's welfare and benefits, there is only one choice for corporation CEOs: money Free article

Profits, power and pay per view

23 January 2003

ROBBIE SMYTH profiles the media industry, asking who owns the media in Ireland? Free article

Worldwide antiwar protests

23 January 2003

On Saturday 18 January, antiwar protests took place all around the world. Over 300,000 people marched in Washington, the same number in San Francisco and 20,000 in Portland as opposition to war against Iraq mounts in the United States. Free article

Dhá thaobh an Scéil

23 January 2003

AN DRAOI RUA debates current attitudes to the rights of walkers in Ireland, with reference to tourists, farmers and British soldiers. Free article

Day-Lewis can't save Gangs of New York

23 January 2003

Gangs of New York Director: Martin Scorsese Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCapri , Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent Cert: 18 Free article

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