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12 September 2002 Edition

9/11: Real grief amid TV and Tee Shirts

12 September 2002

In 1993, a friend of mine from Tyrone and I were a few streets away from the World Trade Centre when it was blown up the first time. Both of us instantly recognised the sound of an explosion but were ridiculed by our American companion, who mocked the possibility of a bomb in Manhattan. Free article

Policing Board PR exercise leaves nationalists cold

12 September 2002

Does the British government seriously think it can embarrass Sinn Féin onto Policing Boards and into District Policing Partnerships? Free article

Does your granny play bingo?

12 September 2002

Gambling, in all its shape and forms, is one of the most unrecognised addictions in Ireland today. Thousands of betting shops, like Paddy Powers, Stanley Racing, Ladbrokes and Boyles, not to mention casinos, racetracks, online betting organisations and lottery games operate daily in Ireland with full approval from the government. And why not? The industry provides a very healthy source of revenue for both the 26 and Six-County governments. Free article

The best democracy money can buy

12 September 2002

Redundancies, rising unemployment and electricity charges, a health service in chaos, an economy clearly not generating enough tax revenue to meet important spending commitments and then the small matter of a referendum. The Fianna Fáil and Progressive Democrats government have a lot on this month. Free article

Iraq invasion feared imminent

12 September 2002

A year after 9/11 and the language of the US administration is still that of war. It now seems probable that whatever the international position in relation to President Bush's "war on terrorism", the decision to attack Iraq has already being taken. Free article

Bua na hIomána

12 September 2002

Following Kilkenny's latest All-Ireland hurling triumph, AN DRAOI RUA wriites in praise of hurling and relates some of its folklore Free article

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