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11 July 2002 Edition

Acceptable policing

11 July 2002

In the second of two articles, GERRY KELLY, Sinn Féin spokesperson on policing, says that reduced to its essence, the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) requires a 'new beginning' to policing in a police service that is acceptable to the whole community. Here, he argues that the British government's policing 'review' will not work because there is no will to go back to what was set out in the GFA. It is time, he argues, to go back to the drawing board and the starting point needs to be a nationalist and democratic consensus. Free article

Longa Núicleacha

11 July 2002

As a ship carrying nuclear refuse sets off to travel halfway round the globe, AN DRAOI RUA discuss the increased risks of disaster. Free article

Restructuring the Football Championship

11 July 2002

Reform has been a big thing in the GAA over the last few years. We have everything from redeveloped stadia to the branding of teams and new structures for both the football and hurling championships. Free article

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