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4 July 2002 Edition

Policing Review? Never mind the quality. Feel the width!

4 July 2002

Reduced to its essence, the Good Friday Agreement requires a 'new beginning' to policing in a police service which is acceptable to the whole community. The criteria for acceptability are a police service which is: Free article

Sharon off the hook

4 July 2002

Only a few hours after G.W. Bush's irresponsible speech effectively sanctioning the reoccupation of the Territories, the Belgian Court of Appeal has called a halt to the trial against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a "man of peace" in Bush's own words. Free article

Irish history by ballads

4 July 2002

'Songs of Irish Rebellion' by Georges Denis Zimmerman, Four Courts Press (Dublin, 2002) Price: € 2495 paperback Free article

Bullock shines in killer thriller

4 July 2002

Murder By Numbers Cert 15 Starring Sandra Bullock, Ben Chaplin, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt Free article

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