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2 May 2002 Edition

Loyalist violence and unionist hypocrisy

2 May 2002

Internal tensions within both loyalism and unionism are currently posing a dual threat to the peace process. As in the past, those tensions are being played out through a process of attacks on nationalists and their political representatives. Free article

Gribben contests Antrim by-election

2 May 2002

Áine Gribben (37) will represent Sinn Féin in the by-election for the Antrim Town ward of Antrim Borough Council on 15 May. Free article

Moving South

2 May 2002

My first encounter moving south for the election was an hour's delay on board a CIE train at Portadown station on Sunday night at 8pm. Two excuses were offered: either the driver jumped a red light and had to be replaced or there was masonary on the rail line due to an accident which had to be cleared. I still don't know the truth. Free article

Dumb and dumber

2 May 2002

If the sparks and point scoring between Fianna Fáil, the Progressive Democrats, Fine Gael and Labour wasn't happening during an election campaign that will choose a government for the next five years, the last week would have been good fun. Free article

Ecuador's oil wars

2 May 2002

A month ago, a group of 20 activists were arrested in Mindo, a small village north of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. They had set up a camp trying to stop the construction of an oil pipeline that is threatening to devastate an environmentally unique area and endangers the livelihood of the inhabitants of the region, who mostly make their living from tourism or farming. This kind of news would never have made it to Europe but for the presence in the group of at least 14 Europeans. Free article

Cad is fiú Toghachán?

2 May 2002

This week, the DRAOI RUA a bit of a cynical look at elections and asks are they really worth it. He takes the surreal example of 'dish-washing' as an election policy and issue and discusses the party lines. Free article

No Ordinary Man: Telling Christy's story

2 May 2002

Written by Belfast singer songwriter Brian Moore, Paddy on the Road explores the times and music of the much loved Christy Moore, charting his life from a bank clerk in Kildare, through his first forays into folk singing and performing in England to his return to Ireland. The playwright sets out to explore Moore's impact on the folk music scene and on political life in Ireland. Free article

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