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31 January 2002 Edition

Loyalist violence in rural areas

31 January 2002

Outside of Belfast, there has been and continues to be an active loyalist campaign of violence against nationalists and republicans in many country areas. An Phoblacht's LAURA FRIEL investigates. Free article

Israel's second-class citizens

31 January 2002

JAMIL DAKWAR is a lawyer working for the Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. He is one of those Palestinians who carry an Israeli passport but though supposedly holding all the entitlements of an Israeli citizen, rampant discrimination is a daily occurrence for him and for other Arabs in the same circumstances. On a recent visit to Ireland, he spoke to An Phoblacht's SOLEDAD GALIANA. Free article


31 January 2002

A hungry seal, hacksaw blades, a couple of gallon cans, a brush, a rope, a few tins of black boot polish, a few pounds of butter, a skiffle group, fine drizzle, a doubledecker bus and sheer guts and determination were the ingredients that went into one of the IRA's most daring and sensational escapes of the last 30 years of struggle. Free article

Masts, health & government misbehaviour

31 January 2002

The 26-County government is about to pass a repressive law worthy of any Third World junta. In one foul swoop, they intend to do away with human rights, democracy and the last remnants of moral behaviour. This government is intent on handing the landscape and the health of the nation over to large, powerful multinational corporations to do with us what they want - with no opposition. Free article

Criminal neglect of mentally ill

31 January 2002

An Phoblacht's MICK DERRIG recently wrote of the disproportionately high numbers of people suffering mental ill health. Here, ROISIN DE ROSA looks at how the 26-County state routinely fails vulnerable people suffering mental illness. Free article

Maskey in Basque Country for new peace proposals

31 January 2002

Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey travelled to the Basque Country on Saturday 26 January to attend the launch of Batasuna's new peace proposals, 'A Scenario for Peace in the Basque Country'. Free article

Stailc Ocrais san Astráil

31 January 2002

Tá sé beagnach dothuigthe cad chuige a bhfuil na meáin cumarsáide chomh ciúin sin i dtaobh an stailc ocrais atá ar siúl san Astráil i láthair na huaire. Free article

John Hume meets the IRA

31 January 2002

In January 1985, a debate took place on BBC radio between Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and the then SDLP leader John Hume. Free article

Dramatising Bloody Sunday

31 January 2002

As the slow, difficult process of establishing the truth of the events of Bloody Sunday grinds on in Derry's Guildhall, and one week after the television showing of Paul Greengrass's mesmerising drama, Bloody Sunday, Jimmy McGovern's film, Sunday, was given its British television airing by Channel 4 on Monday evening. Free article

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