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28 June 2001 Edition

Not to be seen nor heard

28 June 2001

Unionism historically has had no problem with northern nationalists, as long as they have been prepared to go by the back door, accept their status as second class and all the accompanying deprivation and discrimination without raising so much as a word of complaint. It's only when nationalists start demanding to be treated as equals, knocking at the front door to full citizenship, that unionists have seen red, or more specifically, orange. Free article

James Connolly and Esperanto

28 June 2001

KEN KEABLE ([email protected]) is a keen devotee of Esperanto, the universal language devised to facilitate communication between peoples throughout the world. He has known for some years that James Connolly was an Esperantist but recently found evidence that three other martyrs of 1916 Ð Joseph Plunkett, Francis Sheehy-Skeffington and Peadar Macken Ð spoke Esperanto or were interested in it. Here, he presents his findings and discusses how Esperanto fits in with Connolly's ideology. Free article

Pre-emptive exclusion based on skin colour

28 June 2001

Extremely disturbing reports are emanating from several NGOs that people who come to Ireland hoping to get protection from persecution in their own land, are being refused entry at Dublin Airport. In recent weeks, 13 people coming from Gambia in West Africa were stopped at Dublin airport and refused entry. Free article

Cur amú £40 milliún

28 June 2001

Níos mó ná seachtain ó shin, thug an tAire Cosanta sna sé chontae is fiche, Michael Smith, ráiteas ag insint go raibh daichead `Piranhas' ceannaithe ag Teach Laighean. Milliúin punt an costas atá ar cheann amháin de na hinnill móra seo. Deir sé go mbeidh na Piranhas ag gabháil ar diúte in `Eritrea' i gcuideachta na Náisiúin Aontaithe roimh dheireadh na blaina. Lena chois sin, tá sé ar intinn acu saighdiúirí Éireannacha a chur chun na Aetóipe leo roimh an Nollaig fosta. Free article

Back issue: Fifty Days

28 June 2001

THIS SATURDAY is leading H-Block Hunger Striker Joe McDonnell's 50th day without food, and his physical condition is now seriously weakening as every agonising day passes by. Free article

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