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26 April 2001 Edition

Reasons to Vote No 4 - No to a two-tier Europe

26 April 2001

`A rich man's club' was how, in the late 1970s, former Fianna Fáil leader Jack Lynch described the EU he didn't want to see happen. But this rich person's club was the EU we were part of then and still are now. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact has only intensified the us and them, rich and not so rich, nature of the EU and those outside its borders. Free article

Yaba daba doo, Any excuse will do

26 April 2001

Here we go again. Armed and masked UDA gangs roaming the streets of North Belfast peddling the lie that they are under attack and threatening to revisit the bloody sectarian pogroms of 30 years ago upon the nationalist community. And we've seen it and heard it all before. Free article

The Battle of Quebec: Free trade and plastic bullets

26 April 2001

Members of the Quebec-Ireland Committee were at Quebec City last weekend for the anti-globalisation demonstrations (getting tear-gassed in the process) and present this eye-witness account: Free article

Ceapadh Iarrthóirí Shinn Féin

26 April 2001

Chruinnigh baill de Shinn Féin i gContae na Gaillimhe le chéile ag deireadh na seachtaine le hiarrthóirí a roghnú don chéad olltóghchán eile. Free article

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