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15 February 2001 Edition

Torturing the dying

15 February 2001

The following is an excerpt from an article first printed in the 10 January 1976 edition of Republican News. GERRY ADAMS, writing from the Cages of Long Kesh Prison, writes of the terrible conditions for republican POWs in English prisons, particularly of the horrors of forced feeding, as Frank Stagg entered the final month of his hunger strike. Free article

Where was the EU when?

15 February 2001

So the EU this week got round to isolating the Dublin Government and delivering the diplomatic equivalent of an hour in the corner and a note home to the parents. Free article

Built on a dream, founded on a myth

15 February 2001

Obie Butlere follows the American Dream. The dream says that if you work hard, do the right thing, obey the law, success is inevitable. Free article

European Parliament opposes `Plan Colombia'

15 February 2001

On Thursday 1 February 2001 the European Parliament voted by 474 to 1 to reject the US-backed `Plan Colombia' and announced that the path to peace in Colombia lies through dialogue and lantd reform. Free article


15 February 2001

Tá Slógradh 2001 thart anois, ach ní dhéanfar dearmad air ar feadh i bhfad acu siúd a bhí i láthair. Thosaigh imeachtaí an tSlógaidh go hoifigiúil maidin Dé Sathairn, ó tharla daoine a bheith ag taisteal ón uile Chúige ar an Aoine. Ba é príomh-aidhm an tslógaidh ná tuiscint a thabhairt do dhaoine óga ach go háirithe ar imeachtaí na bliana 1981 trí aoí-chainteoirí a chur ag labhairt faoin Stailc Ocrais, a cúlra agus a hoidhreacht, ach ar bhealach neamhfhoirmeálta. Agus baineadh an sprioc sin amach go deimhin. Free article

Back issue: H-Block men resist attempts to demoralise and degrade them

15 February 2001

THE joint announcement from the H-Blocks and Armagh Jail on Thursday 5 February of new Hunger Strikes commencing from 1 March coincided with a Westminster statement by direct ruler Humphrey Atkins in which he reiterated the British Government's inflexible position. Free article

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