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3 August 2000 Edition

Felons and Fellonis

3 August 2000

The 26-County prison system is designed to punish rather than rehabilitate. MICHAEL PIERSE takes isue with media coverage of the recent absconding of prisoner Regina Felloni and argues that government attitudes, as personified by `hard man' Justice Minister John O'Donoghue, are out of touch Free article

Dublin's flawed `partnership' for recycling

3 August 2000

ROISIN DE ROSA exposes the pig in a poke being sold to Dublin householders, who are being peddled a painfully inadequate recycling scheme that will benefit private companies at the taxpayers' expense and pave the way for an unwanted incinerator Free article

Iraq's children still starve

3 August 2000

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the imposition of sanctions against Iraq, which the Iraqis would call ten years of genocide. Free article

Ainmnigh agus Náirigh...

3 August 2000

D'fhoilsigh Bardas Bhaile Átha Cliath liosta an tseachtain seo de chiontóirí a thruailligh an chathair. An stopfaidh sé an truailliú nó an bhfuil níos mó brú de dhíth? Free article

Sportsview: Kildare and Dublin to go again

3 August 2000

As Dublin prepared for last Sunday's Leinster Final, they were tagged as underdogs against a strong but highly inconsistent Kildare team. True, Dublin hadn't been tested by any major county in the run-up to the big game, but the underdog status probably galled the mighty men of the Metropolis. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Kilcoole gunrunning

3 August 2000

One of the least known but most important gunrunning operations in Irish history took place in Kilcoole, County Wicklow on 1 August 1914. It arose from an initiative taken in early 1914 by Michael, The O'Rahilly, Director of Arms of the recently formed Irish Volunteers, in conjunction with Erskine Childers, Sir Roger Casement and other prominent nationalists. Free article

Back issue: No play for H-Block record

3 August 2000

SALES of Christy Moore's H-Block song Ninety Miles from Dublin Town are now approaching 5,000 - which for an Irish single, puts it among the top-selling records. But RTE have yet to play the song on Radios 1 or 2 and requests for it have been ignored. Free article

Dúirt siad...

3 August 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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