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18 May 2000 Edition

Welcoming the New Irish

18 May 2000

Ireland, North and South, is visibly becoming increasingly multicultural. There are always a lot of sentiments involved when people feel that, using Bob Marley's words, ``things are not the way they used to be''. As a Russian, I probably understand it better than many people, because my own entire country, with its entire different social system and a unique life style, disappeared just over ten years ago. Free article

Catalonia's fight for nationhood

18 May 2000

On 6 May Catalan people commemorated a special date for them. They haven't forgotten or forgiven that in 1707 Spanish and French troops beat them in the battle of Almansa. Free article

Mórshiúil na Máithreacha

18 May 2000

Tá cultúr na ngunnaí ana-fhoirleathan sna Stáit Aontaithe agus feachtais éagsúla á reachtáil ina choinne sin le tamall. Ach an mbeidh rath ar na feachtais: feachtais amhail le Mórshiúil na Máithreacha? `Sin í ceist an Draoi Rua ach, faraor, níl sé ró-dhóchasach go mbeidh. Free article

Remembering the Past: Thomas Kent

18 May 2000

One Sunday in October 1915, the British Army were attempting to hold a recruitment meeting after Mass in the East Cork village of Dungourney. On hearing of it, Thomas and David Kent arranged for a group of Volunteers to march through the meeting. When they reached the end of the village, the Volunteers tuned to march through again but the meeting hurriedly dispersed. Free article

Sportsview: Derry look strong

18 May 2000

Well, the first weekend of knockout championship action has passed off and for the footballers of Cavan, Monaghan and Waterford, their season in the county colours has already ended. Free article

New in print

18 May 2000

A Pocket History of Gaelic Culture and The Garda Síochána Free article

Cinema: Too hung over

18 May 2000

In 28 Days, America's darling, Sandra Bullock, plays Gwen Cummings, a top New York writer who attends the hottest parties in town. Free article

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