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11 May 2000 Edition

Flood gates open

11 May 2000

Were you a councillor in any one of the 26 Counties' 29 local authorities over the last 20 years? Were you ever asked to sell your vote for planning and rezoning motions? Did you ever take money on this basis? Free article

Colombia's coca trap

11 May 2000

A poor-to-destitute peasant farmer from Colombia was in Dublin last week to explain the economic trap the coca growers of the country find themselves in. The experience of meeting him was mind boggling to the assembled community activists, parents' groups and individuals struggling to beat drug addiction in Darndale, Blanchardstown, Tallaght, and Crumlin. Free article

Sportsview: Big game season is here

11 May 2000

The championship is now upon us. The recent lengthy spell of summer weather has really added to the whole feeling of anticipation. Training now takes place on sunny evenings on scorched pitches. Lads who haven't been seen in months are now appearing out of the woodwork (boots untainted by the mud of winter training) to kick a few balls. Free article

Remembering the Past: IRA Convention meets

11 May 2000

At the time of the 1917 IRA Convention, 390 companies were affiliated to Óglaigh na hÉireann. The RIC estimated only 162 companies. Nearly 250 people attended the Convention, though some who would have been there were still incarcerated. The proceedings were presided over by Eamonn de Valera, who'd been elected President of Sinn Féin the previous day. On the platform also was Cathal Brugha and many others who were prominent in the reorganising of the Volunteers in the previous few months, many of them ex-prisoners. Free article

Back issue: Tomás O Fiaich

11 May 2000

THE sudden death of Cardinal Tomás O Fiaich removes a lone nationalist voice from the ranks of the Catholic hierarchy. Free article

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