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4 May 2000 Edition

Report confirms SDLP is in crisis

4 May 2000

The leaked report into an obsolete, tired and leadership-driven party is a public acknowledgement that the SDLP has no vision for Ireland, writes Caítlin Doherty Free article

A kind of casual lynching

4 May 2000

Lynching, summary execution by hanging, most prevalent against the black population in the Southern states of American in the nineteenth century, probably took it's name from Captain William Lynch. In his study ``All God's Children'', New York Times journalist Fox Butterfield describes Lynch as a backcountry settler of Scots Irish decent who lived in Virginia and South Carolina in the 1760s. Free article

British bolster anti-Agreement unionists

4 May 2000

Throughout the peace process, unionists have had a huge disadvantage and a huge compensation. Their disadvantage is their inability to take a lead in bringing about change. Their compensation has been the British government's willingness repeatedly to stall the whole process at their behest. Free article

Ciníochas agus Seicteachas in Éirinn

4 May 2000

Má tá coinceap agus drochfhocal mar dhushlán na haoise nua seo in Éirinn, `sé ciníochas atá ann. Le seachtainí anois tá ceann granna an ghalair le feiceáil in go leor leor leibheal agus rannóga an tsochaí agus na tíre seo. Seo anois smaointe an Draoi Rua faoi. Free article

Sportsview: Summer in GAA land

4 May 2000

The summer seems to have arrived, and right on cue. As ever, half the country is going through the stress of last minute cramming for exams, while outside the sun is splitting the stones. Free article

Remembering the Past: 1917: Preparations for IRA Convention

4 May 2000

Following the successful East Clare by-election campaign and in preparation for the IRA Convention of 1917, there was no abatement in the recruiting, parading and the reorganisation of the army. Free article

Back issue: End of a Nightmare

4 May 2000

After about two-and-a-half years imprisonment in English jails, the Winchester Three - Martina Shanahan, Finbar Cullen and John McCann, jailed for 25 years in October 1988 on vague conspiracy charges - were set free by the Court of Appeal in London on Friday 27 April. Free article

Dúirt siad...

4 May 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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