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21 October 1999 Edition

Last ditch effort needed to save Agreement

21 October 1999

Talks under the Mitchell Review of the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement have been adjourned until Friday, 22 October, with no sign of any political progress. Free article

Michael Collins' unfinished revolution

21 October 1999

The Graffiti on the wall in Belfast a few years ago screamed its warning: ``Adams remember Collins!'' Free article

Food for Thought

21 October 1999

Let me give you some food for thought the next time you decide to buy a banana. Free article

State-sponsored slaughter in Colombia

21 October 1999

Drugs and civil war have been the calling cards of the South American state of Colombia in the international arena, but for the population of the South America country, the main issue is the violence carried out by the state forces and their paramilitary death squads, which protected by the establisment carry out their attacks with impunity. Free article

Cultúr Ciotach a Chruthú

21 October 1999

Scrios roinnt dílseóirí á chuid fógraí ``Lallans'' féin i gceantar Chaisleán Ríabhach I mBéal Feirste thár na seachtaine. Scrúdaíonn an Draóí Rúa an míthuiscint atá le sonrú í méasc na ndílseóirí maidir lena `cultúr'. Free article

Sportsview: Future bright for hybrid game

21 October 1999

Leaving Graham Geraghty's antics aside, there's no question that the GAA-Aussie Rules International series has been a success story. The GAA hierarchy will be glad they put their faith in the series and as just rewards, there is a lot the GAA will have learned from their Australian adventure. Free article

Remembering the Past: 1798 repercussions continue

21 October 1999

Though the United Irish risings failed in 1798, the repercussions and effects were felt for many years to come, culminating in the attempted rising by Robert Emmet and the remnants of the United Irish movement in Dublin in 1803. Free article

Dúirt siad...

21 October 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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