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1 April 1999 Edition


1 April 1999

Over the years, those of us on the left who have made serious allegations about the sinister role of the business/political/military establishment in Ireland and internationally, have often been accused of fanciful conspiracy theories. But just because youre paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. And recent events have demonstrated that we were actually too naïve and not nearly sceptical enough. Free article

There is life after Debt

1 April 1999

The central theme of Latin America Week this year was Debt. Debt is crippling developing countries around the world and is especially relevant this year as Central America attempts to recover from the affects of Hurricane Micth. Over 11,000 people were killed and 3 million people homeless in Honduras and Nicaragua alone. Free article

Comóradh na Cásca?

1 April 1999

Tá an Cháisc linn arís, muid ag comóradh an 83ú cuimhneachán d'Éirí Amach na Cásca 1916, na híobairtí, an fhulaingt, na básanna, an lasadh splainc... I mbliana, mar a tharlaíonn gach uile bliain, cruinneoidh daoine ag uaigheanna na marbh, ag leac cuimhneacháin, ag dealbhanna de laoch nó mairtíreach áitiúil chun ómós a thabhairt ar a ndearna fir agus mná 1916 chomhmaith leis na glúnta a chuaigh rompu agus na glúnta a tháinig ina ndiaidh ar son saoirse na tíre. Free article

Workers in struggle: It's not just the money Bertie

1 April 1999

``There is a strong view... probably the majority around the table, that we should not be entitled to cohesion funds at all.'' This was the opinion of Bertie Ahern, speaking at 6.30 am last Saturday morning after a new agreement on EU spending for the years 2000 to 2006 had been concluded by the EU heads of state. Free article

Sportsview: Violence and the GAA

1 April 1999

As the movers and shakers of the National Football League jostled for places in the knock-out stages, and others battled to avoid relegation, it was disciplinary matters which stole the headlines in Mondays papers. Free article

Remembering the Past: The first 1916 Rising fatality

1 April 1999

The first casualty of the Army of the Irish Republic in the fighting of Easter week 1916 was a Dublin man, Sean Connolly. Connolly epitomised all the various strands of revolutionary Ireland which came together that fateful week to wage war against the English empire and to declare an Irish Republic. An Irish language enthusiast, an actor, an accomplished footballer and hurler, a soldier of the workers' movement, and a committed republican, he died at the age of 33. Free article

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Back issue: Stalwarts of freedom

1 April 1999

Ardoyne is a small community in Belfast which has borne more than its share of suffering in the past twenty years of conflict. This week its people came together to remember their dead and to rededicate themselves to the struggle for lasting peace in their community and their country. Free article

Cinema: Biting the big one

1 April 1999

Blast from the Past is an enjoyable piece of American popcorn. Free article

television: Where were you in `72?

1 April 1999

Top Ten Glam (Channel 4) Manchan in Eireann (TnaG) Michael Moore's Awful Truth (C4) Free article

Dúirt siad...

1 April 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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