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4 February 1999 Edition

Inequality still the unionist aim

4 February 1999

As David Trimble persists in obstructing any progress, it is becoming more obvious that inequality is a pillar of his Agreement-stalling strategy. Despite the Good Friday Agreement and the historical opportunities it has brought, David Trimble and his allies have proved incapable of changing. In theory, the Agreement promised nationalists change. In practice, unionists are using the political process as a smokescreen to hide their unwillingness to treat nationalists as equals. Free article

The fodder is running out - and with it a way of life

4 February 1999

Serious fodder crisis reveals catastrophe for small farmers, says Roisín de Rossa Free article

Dublin government backs world debt-collectors

4 February 1999

The Dublin government is this year for the first time to contribute to the International Monetary Fund's Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF). The IMF and the World Bank are responsible for collecting the debt of impoverished states throughout the world who carry a huge burden, which is a direct cause of poverty and death. Free article

Cothaíonn seicteachas amháin seicteachas eile

4 February 1999

Níl siad imithe uainn fós, bíodh fhios agat! Sin a ritheann liom nuair a fheicim comharthaí sóirt d'athbheochan sa sárchaitliceachas. Sin an cineál Caitliceachais ar mhaith leis an tsochaí a múnlú de réir a mheoin féin trí institiúidí an stáit. Sampla den athbheochan sin is ea an síorbhrú ar son ``luachanna famaile'' (nath a chiallaíonn clár gnó sochapholaitiúil den eite dheis). Tá sé sin ag teacht le gnéithe eile den sárchaitliceachas e.g. an seanleagan amach faisisteach go bhfuil an náisiún bunaithe ar theaghlaigh seachas ar shaoránaigh aonair. Free article

Workers in struggle

4 February 1999

Rotten Apple, Fighting the financial markets and Fianna Fail - U-turn Free article

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Back issue: Thatcher's latest victim

4 February 1999

Life came to an end for a young British soldier in Belfast on Tuesday night. He died in a war that was not of his making, in a country he probably knew little about apart from what his superiors told him. But he dies as soldiers who take up the gun to oppress the people of another country will inevitably die. Free article

New in print: A rip-roaring yarn

4 February 1999

1916 By Morgan Llywelyn Published by Forge Books Price £16.99 (Hb) Free article

Cinema: A film republicans should see

4 February 1999

After doing the tour of the festivals this fine film with a republican theme is now on release in the Irish Film Centre in Dublin's Temple Bar. For all you republicans in Dublin who decry the Hollywood pap you have to put up with, I'd strongly urge you to get down to Temple Bar right away, fight your way through the stags and hens, and check it out. Free article

Television: Sinned against

4 February 1999

Guilty Until Proven Innocent (RTE) Divided World (RTE) Full Metal Backbackers (Channel 4) Ulster's Triumph, Hoddle's Demise Free article

Editor's desk

4 February 1999

The staff of the Daily Mirror (or the ``Irish Mirror'' as they like it to be called) have such a wonderful sense of humour.

Their front page exclusive on Saturday's paper in certain parts of Dublin, began: ``Newspaper tycoon Craig McKenzie is a secret republican terrorist bent on wrecking the peace process.''

Well, this is news. Read on: ``We can disclose that the turncoat Brit has... Free article

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