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19 November 1998 Edition

Governments must intervene

19 November 1998

The Ulster Unionist Party, already in breach of the Good Friday Agreement, has so far sucessfully frustrated the establishment of an Executive in the Six Counties and an all-Ireland Ministerial Council. Free article

The game was politics

19 November 1998

The very public wrangle at the heart of the West Belfast community precipitated by the Donegal Celtic football club's initial decision to go ahead with a soccer match against the RUC has left all sides of the argument saddened and hurt. Free article

An economy gone crazy

19 November 1998

Developers make money on empty flats while housing lists grow, reports Roisín de Rossa Free article

The RUC and all who sail in it

19 November 1998

When a young Catholic man, Brian Maguire, died in RUC custody in Castlereagh Interrogation Centre on May 1979, the RUC claimed his death was suicide but many still maintain Maguire was murdered. RUC Duty Inspector in charge of supervising interrogations at the time was Ronnie Flanagan, current RUC Chief Constable. Free article

Adams meets Mexican leaders

19 November 1998

The international resonance of the Irish peace process was demonstrated again last week when Gerry Adams visited Mexico City. Free article

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Bhí náisiúnachas an Phiarsaigh forásach

19 November 1998

Ba dhrochbhliain í 1998 do na scrábálaithe ar gléas troda in aghaidh na fuascailte dóibh athcheartú na staire. Sáraíodh iad thuaidh agus theas,thoir agus thiar agus comóradh á dhéanamh ar 1798. Free article

Workers in struggle: Questions Ahern must answer

19 November 1998

Only time can tell if the Dublin Government's decision to seek a change in status for EU funding is a case of one step forward or two backward. They have portrayed the step towards a regionalisation process as a positive one and Sinn Féin more than any other party has been an advocate of regionalisation in the Irish economy. Free article

Sportsview: Galway keep up the pace

19 November 1998

All-Ireland football champions Galway had a one point victory over Donegal on Sunday to notch up two wins out of two in the National League. Not very surprising, you might think, but the character of the victory said a lot about Galway's continuing hunger for success. Free article

Back issue: RUC school scandal

19 November 1998

Pupils of a Catholic girls school in West Belfast were last week used in a sinister propaganda exercise by the RUC. The party of thirty teenagers, all pupils of St Louise's School, were left in the hands of the RUC for almost five hours without their own or their parents' approval. They were driven through loyalist areas in two undercover RUC minibuses. Free article


19 November 1998

Nationalisms: Visions and Revisions and Rounders Free article

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