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8 October 1998 Edition

Unionists still in denial

8 October 1998

I heard a prominent journalist state on the radio that we should forget 5 October 1968 and move on. But what nationalist can forget this anniversary of an event which is still influencing our present through the sightless eyes of unionist leaders who, like then, are still looking darkly through the glasses of history. Free article

Kosovo - Bosnia revisited

8 October 1998

UN General Secretary Koffi Annan's report on the present situation in Kosovo hints that Yugoslavia has not complied with a UN Security Council resolution, but doesn't suggest possible actions. The US government and its European allies said that the Serbian president, Slodoban Milosevic, is confronting the possibility of a NATO attack if he doesn't change his policy in Kosovo in accordance to UN demands. These are a ceasefire, the withdrawal of all troops, negotiation and the safe return of Albanian refugees. Russia and China have announced they will vote against any military action against Serbia if this is brought to the UN Security Council Free article

Milliún síniú ó éireannaigh á lorg ag Amnesty idirnáisiúnta

8 October 1998

Beidh féile chaoga á chomóradh I mbliana. Is é an 10ú lá de Mhí na Nollag seo chugainn an sprioc lá. Free article

SF rep welcomed to US

8 October 1998

Rita O'Hare, the new Sinn Fein representative to the United States, received a warm welcome at a reception held for her in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC last Thursday. Free article

Workers in struggle: Time to unplug the markets

8 October 1998

Greenspan, Clinton, Wolfensohn, Camdessus, Tietmeyer, Brown and Blair - these are the names of just some of the economic decision makers that are this week being forced to wrestle with some simple truths. The first simple truth that they have been forced to acknowledge is that they are unable to stop the Asian Flu financial markets crisis hitting North America and Europe. Free article

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Sportsview: Deadlocked

8 October 1998

16,000 spectators saw a thrilling end-to-end contest end in a draw at Croke Park in the Women's GAA Final last Sunday (by the way, its official title remains the Bank of Ireland SFC Ladies Final but most of the newspapers ignore this archaic terminology). Beneath the scoreboard was a large digital clock (which stopped during stoppages for injuries) and as the crowd saw it ticking away the final seconds, their hearts were in their mouths. Monaghan had incredibly turned around a four point deficit in those final minutes to draw level. Then both teams had chances to win it but they couldn't secure the crucial score. Free article

Remembering the Past: When history was made

8 October 1998

In Caledon, County Tyrone there is a small housing development called Kinnard Park, a place that I had never been to until I was an adult, but somewhere that I heard about throughout my childhood. It was here in 1968 that my family were evicted from a house in an event that was to have major implications for my future and that of this country. Free article

Back issue: Hume admits `Britain not neutral'

8 October 1998

``Britain is not neutral about the use of force,'' John Hume has admitted to an audience in London - in stark contrast to his stance throughout the recently ended round of Sinn Fein/SDLP talks. Free article

New in print

8 October 1998

Snakes and Ladders and Frank Cahill Remembers-The Gates Flew Open: The night the Kesh went up Free article

Cinema: The Truman Show

8 October 1998

It's great to be able to thoroughly recommend a movie. The Truman Show is an intelligent, innovative, engaging and witty work, which even manages to draw a non-irritating performance from Jim Carrey. He plays one Truman Burbank, an unprepossessing 30-year-old with a pretty wife and an average job who has been the subject of a 24-hour-a-day television show from even before he was born. Free article

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