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24 September 1998 Edition

Drugs: the state's failed legacy

24 September 1998

Michael Pierse examines the policies used to tackle Dublin's drugs crisis Free article

Food for thought

24 September 1998

Have you noticed that those individuals historically described as revolutionaries, were all thin and emaciated? No doubt their appearance was the result of long years of struggle and sacrifice, bread and water regimes in prison and cold tea and stale buns at cumann meetings. Free article

Mind how you go

24 September 1998

It is a chilling statistic but it is true to say that one thousand people have died for each of the 26 Counties since the beginning of the century for the cause of motor transport. Free article

``The Republican Movement has taught us the way''

24 September 1998

Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) is living through historic days after the Lizarra Agreement and ETA's ceasefire announcement. Esther Agirre, member of the National Executive of Herri Batasuna, tells An Phoblacht of the importance of these two events and how the Republican Movement's experience has helped them to create a new political scenario. Free article

Plé Ceart á iarraidh ar Choimisiúin Chearta an Duine

24 September 1998

Tá sé anois 30 bliana ó thosaigh an streachailt do chearta sibhialta ag árdú ceisteanna idirdhealú san Sé Chontae. Free article

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British Army fail to move on TB outbreak

24 September 1998

Toni Carragher, spokesperson for the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee has accused the British Army of failing to adhere to Department of Agriculture guidelines, and in doing so contributing to a TB outbreak that is threatening the livelihoods of 50-60% of local farmers. Free article

Workers in struggle

24 September 1998

Yes to a better future, Ahern must deliver tax cuts for the low paid and Dear Seán Dorgan, Free article

Sportsview: Kildare look a good bet

24 September 1998

The build-up to Sunday's All-Ireland Football Final between Galway and Kildare has been relatively low-key, except in the competing counties where of course the scramble for tickets is frenzied. Neither team has a recent history of success so their supporters aren't going to miss this big day out. They don't want to have to wait another thirty or forty years for a September trip to Croker. Free article

Back issue: We demand repatriation

24 September 1998

Due to the worsening conditions of the POWs in Wakefield Prison, Raymond McLaughlin, Tony Clarke, Patrick Armstrong and Michael Kelly have gone `on the blanket' in order to highlight their campaign for repatriation to jails in the six counties. Free article

Television: If this is progress...

24 September 1998

Portillo's Progress (Channel 4) Heart of the Matter (BBC1) Pet Set (UTV) The Cold War (RTE1) TV3 Free article

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