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13 August 1998 Edition

Unionist Law and Order

13 August 1998

The news that the last of the Shankill Butchers, William Moore, was released from prison in July barely roused a whisper from those unionists who go into a paroxysm of hysteria each time a republican prisoner of war is freed. Free article

Soldiers' Songs

13 August 1998

It was never my national anthem. It was for the Artane Boys Band just before the All-Ireland but all I was waiting for was the last line when it merged with a pre-start roar that always said more. Free article

Cuidíonn carbhán Críostaí le Cúba

13 August 1998

In ainneoin an diansaol atá á bhfulaingt ag muintir Chúba ó thús na ``Ré Speisialta i dTráth Síochána'' tá méadú déanta sa tír sin ar an gcaiteachas ar shláinte, oideachas agus ar an gcóras leasa sóisialta. Is é 75 bliana an t-ionchas saoil i gCúba, is é 26 daltaí meánmhéid rang scoile agus tá pinsean seanaoise ar fáil ag cách. Cuireann fíricí mar sin Cúba chun tosaigh i measc tíortha atá i mbéal forbartha. Free article

Sportsview: Storm clouds over Paradise

13 August 1998

That arrogant man from Canada, Celtic Managing Director Fergus McCann is at it again. His appearance and speech went unappreciated at Celtic Park on the first day of the season, during which he was constantly heckled, and a banner saying Irish Celtic fans were not bigoted was passed around. The banner belonged to Belfast Celt Joe McCratten and for his peaceful protest Joe had to leave the ground. Joe is now worried his season ticket may be revoked. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Battle of Yellow Ford

13 August 1998

By the late 16th Century little of Ireland remained outside of English domination. The century saw the English attempt to gradually achieving their goal of total conquest of Ireland through the surrender and re-grant policy, through a series of plantations in Queen's (Offaly) and King's (Laois) counties, in parts of Munster and Ulster, and through extending the Pale. Not all areas submitted easily and outbreaks of revolt against the English crown by Irish chieftains occurred sporadically. Free article

Back issue: ``We have the ability to win''

13 August 1998

Incessant rain greeted the several thousand marchers who turned out on Belfast's Falls Road on Sunday 14 August for the start of the seventeenth anniversary march to commemorate the introduction of internment without trial on 9 August 1971. Free article

New in print: Heroic journeys

13 August 1998

Curious Journey: An oral history of Ireland's unfinished revolution and The Uniforms of 1798-1803 Free article

Cinema: Armageddon

13 August 1998

Armageddon, the asteroid disaster movie starring Bruce Willis that challenges Godzilla for this summer's big budget blockbuster title, is actually very watchable. The plot is pretty straightforward. A rock the size of Texas is about to destroy the Earth, preceded by lots of little asteroids so we get some good explosions and set the scene. The only way this big rock can be diverted is if NASA sends a team into space to land on the asteroid, drill a hole, and blow it up from the inside. Free article

Television: Dirty old men

13 August 1998

Kinsey's Paedophiles (Channel 4) Coppers (Sky One) US Embassy Bombing (News Bulletins) Questions and Answers (RTE) Free article

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