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28 May 1998 Edition

Cinema: The General - a grotesque myth

28 May 1998

This Friday sees the release of The General, John Boorman's film about Dublin's former criminal godfather, Martin Cahill. Despite an excellent line up of actors including Brendan Gleeson as Cahill, and Adrian Dunbar, the film is a major disappointment. Free article

Television: Football crazy

28 May 1998

The Truth about Footballers (UTV) Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Radio One) Prime Time (RTE 1) Free article

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Editor's desk

28 May 1998

It has struck me that some Unionists have acquired an Orwellian habit of using words to mean their exact opposite. For example, take that wonderfully misnamed party, the Democratic Unionist Party. But the best must be the United Unionists, who fought for a No vote in the referendum in the Six Counties. United the Unionists certainly ain't.

That big hitter from the United... Free article

Dúirt siad...

28 May 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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