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30 April 1998 Edition

Doing it themselves

30 April 1998

Deirdre Feehan returned from the Basque Country inspired by what she saw Free article

Bathing in the glory

30 April 1998

For many years the greatest fear of people in Ireland was The Bloodbath. Talk of the bloodbath would make your hair stand on end, the mention of it was enough to send right thinking people to the front of meetings to raise their hand in voting down anything that might have smacked of radical change. Free article

Gnawing through the twines

30 April 1998

I was speaking to an acquaintance at the weekend who aired the view that everyone should have the opportunity to be a columnist at least once in their lives. I totally agree and if the editor was in favour and volunteers stepped forward then I would gladly stand down. Free article

Bishop killed for exposing death squads

30 April 1998

On 22 April last, former Guatemalan guerrillas warned that the country's 18 month-old peace accord was in danger of collapse. Free article

Bac na hAontachtaithe ar theangaí Cheilteacha

30 April 1998

De réir scéala san nuachtáin Albanach The Herald faoin teideal ``Gaelic faces Ulster threat'', tá bac indíreach déanta ag na hAontachtaithe ar aird a thabhairt do stadas Gaidhlig na hAlbanach san Alt Eorpach do Theangaí Mionlaigh agus Réigiúnda, a bhfuil le bheith sínithe go luath. Free article

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Workers in struggle

30 April 1998

Housing market still out of control and Bankers tout credit unions to EU Free article

Sportsview: GAA should stand by Rule 21

30 April 1998

With all the debate raging on the so-called Good Friday Agreement, the GAA's Rule 21 has been dragged into the euphoria and hype. Rule 21 is the rule that forbids members of the Crown forces from playing the national games or from being members of the association. It states: ``Members of the British armed forces and police shall not be eligible for membership of the association. A member of the association, participating in dances or similar entertainment promoted by or under the patronage of such bodies, shall incur a suspension of at least three months.'' Free article

Remembering the Past: Death of Liam Lynch

30 April 1998

In the early hours of the morning of 10 April 1923, over 1,000 Free State soldiers, under the command of Major General John Prout of Waterford Command, began a search and sweep operation of the Knockmealdown Mountains on the border of counties Tipperary and Waterford, looking to capture IRA leaders in the area. Free article

Back issue: Republicans and May Day

30 April 1998

The struggle for national liberation in the North has undoubtedly led to a widespread radical politicisation of not just IRA Volunteers but of the oppressed people who realise that the fruits of our victory must be social and economic as well as the political freedom of national separation. Free article

Television: Ye Blackhearted Sinners!

30 April 1998

Dr. Paisley I presume Channel 4, Mon Children of the Ashes UTV Tues People in need RTE 1 Fri I gCillin an Bhais TnaG Free article

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