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16 April 1998 Edition

Untried paths - strange vistas

16 April 1998

However you view the outcome of the multi-party talks which concluded on Good Friday there is absolutely no doubt that once again the Irish political landscape has been transformed. A geological upheaval has occurred. Familiar landmarks are missing; new obstacles and dangers have appeared; untried paths and strange vistas have opened up and they hold both perils and opportunities; everyone is challenged. Free article

Watching the Unionists

16 April 1998

I don't care what everyone says, there's still plenty of entertainment left in Ian Paisley. He has lost none of his old slapstick style, even if he has slowed down a bit. That said, entertainment is probably the wrong word. It's more that he inspires a gruesome fascination. Take his performance at press conferences over these past weeks. Free article

Removing the gum from Irish politics

16 April 1998

It was over Easter, as I repinned the Easter Lily to my lapel for the nth time, that I realised that what's fundamental with this revolution is tradition. We are what we wear, and rather than wearing our hearts on our sleeves, we - as a people, or as a movement - have become more and more given to the wearing of our heart on our lapels. Free article

Chiapas crackdown continues

16 April 1998

The Mexican regime seems determined to continue its crackdown on dissident communities in the rebel territories of Chiapas. On 12 April the Mexican army dismantled a newly-constructed rebel community, which was founded and run by supporters of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). Free article

Workers in struggle: Tulips from Amsterdam

16 April 1998

Referendum gridlock looms for the 26-Counties in the coming weeks. Dominating the political landscape are proposed amendments to at least three articles of De Valera's 1937 constitution. These arise out of last weeks new Dublin-London Agreement. Free article

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Sportsview: Has it all gone pear shaped?

16 April 1998

Rangers did another job on the Bhoys last Sunday. The same old story of recent years as Celtic played their hearts out, failed to score and squandered the game. Rangers struck twice through what has to be said were cracking goals from Thern and Albertz in the 24th and 66th minutes. Rangers now jump ahead of Celtic on the slimmest of goal differences at the top of the table. Despite the setback of the Ibrox defeat, Celtic have to be still considered the favourites for the title and stopping Rangers from doing the dreaded ten in a row. Even Rangers' Manager Walter Smith admits Celtic are still the more likely of the three title chasers to win the league. Free article

Back issue: Birmingham Six case rejected

16 April 1998

THE last legal avenue left open to the Birmingham Six was closed on Thursday as the British House of Lords refused to even hear the six men's case. Free article

New in print: What a history this is

16 April 1998

When Youth Was Mine A Memoir of Kerry 1902-1925 By Jeremiah Murphy Published by Mentor Press Price £8.99 Free article

Television: Colonial Boys

16 April 1998

1798 Agus O Shin TnaG Kenny Live RTE 1 South Park Sky 1 Free article

Editor's desk

16 April 1998

There was a classic little misprint on the front page of Monday's Irish News. They quoted Gerry Adams in his Easter Sunday speech in Carrickmore: ``...I believe the impudence which we have generated through 30 years and more of struggle will see us make further big advances towards our goal of a United Ireland''.

It could have a certain ring to it - Vote Sinn Féin, the Impudent... Free article

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