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6 November 1997 Edition

Television: A few home truths

6 November 1997

In the early days of the Troubles RTE earned a reputation for on-the-spot footage and reporting which exposed British brutality to Civil Rights marchers etc. Conor Cruise O'Brien and Section 31 soon put a stop to that and by the early eighties coverage had deteriorated to such an extent that reporters and researchers were `directed' to Workers Party supporters in Belfast, when covering the Hunger Strikes. Free article

Editor's desk

6 November 1997

Word reaches me that the gardaí in Limerick are in a bit of a tizzy. One of their uniforms is missing and they are no doubt afraid someone impersonating a guard may begin battering some innocent citizens. The offending clothes were thrown out of a guard's house during spring cleaning. Or was a member of his family trying to send him a message?


Adams finished the public meeting in... Free article

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Dúirt siad...

6 November 1997

The week in quotes.... Free article

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