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28 August 1997 Edition

Unionist fright as stage is set

28 August 1997

The unionist parties are currently undergoing an agonising process of trying to come to terms with the fact that the world is looking to them to sit down at the table with Sinn Féin on 15 September and make real peace negotiations possible. Free article

Na hUncail Tomáis

28 August 1997

When the panel of speakers on Questions and Answers, a discussion held during Féile an Phobail, were asked if they thought that a united Ireland would only be achieved once Catholics were in the majority, Norman Porter, representing the unionist tradition, said that if such were to happen it would signal the death of politics. Free article

Dalta de chuid na Sasanach é Moi

28 August 1997

Ní hí an Chéinia an áit is sábháilte ar domhan do dhaoine le hintinní dá gcuid féin. Is cuid fhollasach den saol laethúil sa tír sin í an sceimhlitheoireacht stáit. Tá an t-uachtarán - deachtóir go fírinneach - Daniel Torotich arap Moi ar dhuine de na daoine is míthaithneamhaí ar an bpláinéad seo (bíodh is go bhfuil iomaíocht ghéar ann don ghradam sin). Free article

Workers in struggle

28 August 1997

Ten year boom to bust cycle and Supermarket workers claim share of £640 million Free article

Sportsview: Kerry Kings swagger towards All-Ireland final

28 August 1997

The perennially unanswered questions of the inner workings of the GAA - why do substitutes give the referee a piece of paper when they come on the pitch? What does it say on the little white slip? Is there official issue substitute paper? Free article

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Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol- The Irish Holocaust

28 August 1997

Contrary to popular perceptions, the Famine victims did not all lie back and die. Short of popular uprising, Ireland was, according to English legislators, at its most `disturbed' since the 1798 rising. Free article

Back issue: ``Good year for RUC'' says Newman - only 23 killed

28 August 1997

Last Wednesday Kenneth Newman, head of the RUC, issued his annual report of ``successes'' and ``achievements''. However, certain admissions had to be made, the most important of which was the fact that military attacks by the Irish Republican Army rose by 1000 to 8,500. Incidentally these figures don't take into account the recent increases in state forces fatalities, and the decrease in civilian deaths; evidence of an increasing militarisation of the armed struggle and a reluctance of Republican Forces to get drawn into disastrous feuding/sectarianism. Free article

New in print: Leitrim and the Great Hunger

28 August 1997

Leitrim and the Great Hunger By Gerard McAtasney Published by Carrick on Shannon and District Historical Society Free article

Television: Don't keep it to yourself

28 August 1997

How galling it must be for the true blue-blooded aristocracy of Old England to see so many of their hallowed institutions now owned by dirty foreigners. The Al Fayed brothers are two such, owning the Queen's corner shop, Harrod's and the Ritz Hotel group. They also used to own at least one Tory Minister, Jonathan Aitken, who grew accustomed to the lavish accommodation in their silk-lined pockets. Free article

Editor's desk

28 August 1997

I noted a crazy little instance of revisionism gone out of control on RTE last week. In a report on the plight of the people of Montserrat in the Caribbean who may have to evacuate the island if a volcano continues to erupt a news report referred to the island's Irish connection. Many of them, the news reader said, are descended from Irish people who ``emigrated'' there in the... Free article

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