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7 August 1997 Edition

A community's starring role

7 August 1997

Eoin O Broin went to see another superb production from Just Us Free article

Israeli hawks control peace process

7 August 1997

Nine days before two suicide bombs exploded in a Jerusalem market, killing 13 civilians, it was revealed that the Israeli military had drawn up plans to invade the West Bank. Free article

Dul chun cinn ag feachtas Uí Néill

7 August 1997

Tá an-dul chun cinn á dhéanamh ag an feachtas Justice for Diarmuid O Néill i Londain. Ag deireadh na míosa seo thart bhí cruinniú acu i dTeach Phairlimint Westminster agus tá roinnt feisirí phairliminte ag tacú leis an bhfeachtas. Free article

Workers in struggle

7 August 1997

AIB pass the point of no return and Teletubbies in struggle Free article

Sportsview: Sonia is still a star

7 August 1997

Something is rotten in the sporting state if even the non contact sports become bruising battling encounters. Having resigned ourselves to the endless escapades of the Meath maulers now we have to witness Ireland's premier world class athlete being pushed, shoved and then verbally abused. Free article

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Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol - The Irish Holocaust

7 August 1997

Typhus fever was rampant throughout the Famine years, along with an array of other diseases, illnesses and medical conditions associated with the scarcity of food, lack of vitamins, weakness, the cold and wet, proximity to other infected beings and the failure to bury victims rapidly. Free article

Back issue: The `new' RUC

7 August 1997

Scratch the `new' RUC and the colour Orange appears. That is the lesson learnt by many nationalists people in Downpatrick last Monday night when the loyalist thugs, in and out of uniform, turned their attentions to peaceful protestors who objected to a Paisley rally through the nationalist and, up to now, mainly peaceful town. Free article

Television: Dramatic interludes

7 August 1997

Why would someone in, say, Ireland, care about the lives of a group of detectives in New York, or some well-paid young lawyers in London? Think carefully now, because if you can answer this, chances are you could make a bucket of money writing episodic television drama. Free article

Editor's desk

7 August 1997

These must be exciting days in Derry. Already the city is split into two camps as John and Dana limber up on the ropes ready to battle it out over who will be the next President of Ireland.

How can one small city produce two such colossal figures? They must be so proud.

But will the contest happen? John Hume is playing rather hard to get. When he spoke to the New York Times last... Free article

Dúirt siad...

7 August 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

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