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15 May 1997 Edition

Back to the Ballot Buster

15 May 1997

Neil Forde runs over the figures for the last 6 County local elections Free article

The real murderers

15 May 1997

When the RUC were sitting in their jeep in Portadown watching a loyalist mob jumping up and down on the head of the late Robert Hamill, they were probably feeling the fat pay cheques in their pockets. Free article

Clinton in funding trouble

15 May 1997

US President Bill Clinton is currently in trouble over alleged irregularities with fundraising for his re-election campaign. As it is, the Democrats have reluctantly agreed to return some £3 million in donations which, it is claimed, were obtained by methods that were less than transparent, from sources that were less than squeaky clean. Free article

Stráitéas nua do na hoileáin

15 May 1997

San alt seo molann Mike Egan, iarrthóir Shinn Féin in Iarthar na Gaillimhe, stráitéis nua d'oileáin na hEireann. Free article

Workers in struggle: Broken Promises of 1992

15 May 1997

Today you will probably have the official confirmation that the Dublin Government is finally going to call an election. You must be warned though that where Leinster House parties are concerned you cannot have an election without bombarding electorates with a range of plans promising progressive action on the social and economic issues of the day. Free article

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Sportsview: Thousands of Séan Browns

15 May 1997

This was supposed to be a great week for Derry football, with their Under 21's capturing their first All Ireland title since 1968, thrashing Meath on a 1-12 to 0-5 scoreline. No doubt Bellaghy played a part, as they have done in Derry's recent glories. Free article

Remembering the Past: Remarkable Fenian

15 May 1997

Ricard O'Sullivan Burke, described by John Devoy as one of the most remarkable and able men the Fenian movement produced, was born at Dunmanway, County Cork in January 1838. Free article

Back issue: Toomebridge Ousts Loyalists

15 May 1997

The Orange farmers who blocked Toomebridge at the Antrim/Derry county border last Tuesday got more than they bargained for when local people mobilised against the bigots, burnt their spick agricultural machinery and dumped the expensive rest into the River Bann. Free article

Television: A forgiving legacy of war

15 May 1997

As every good rebel knows, the Americans lost the Vietnam war because a small group of badly-trained and under-equipped local kids wearing pyjamas were patriotic, resourceful and smart enough to whip the US army's sorry ass. Free article

Editor's desk

15 May 1997

The Irish News spent the run-up to the Westminster election waving the flag for the SDLP (prompting Gerry Adams to tell Irish News editor Tom Collins on TV that his paper was ``the SDLP's An Phoblacht'' - an insult to us which we have suffered quietly).

Now there is evidence that the trauma of the Sinn Féin victories was too much for Tom. In an editorial on Tuesday he simply... Free article

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