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28 May 2009 Edition

Sectarianism must be confronted

28 May 2009

The brutal sectarian murder of a Catholic father in Coleraine is a barbaric measure of the depth of sectarian hatred that still exists in our society. Despite the huge progress of recent years, sectarian hatred continues to blight many areas in the North and unionist paramilitaries continue to orchestrate violent attacks on the nationalist community. Free article

Anger must be turned into action

28 May 2009

WITH a week of campaigning to go in the EU and 26 County Local Government elections there remains huge anger at Fianna Fáil and the Green Party over their negligence and incompetence in government. After four spectacular failures at getting the economy back on track, a complete reluctance to solve the banking issue, an inability to fix the jobs crisis, and most recently, the revelations of the Ryan report of an appaling lack of basic equality and justice in the state, many people are seeking change. Free article

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