AP 3 - 2022 - 200-2

21 February 2008 Edition

Lisbon Treaty - Who fears democracy?

21 February 2008

Speaking in Strasbourg this week Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald raised an issue of central importance in the debate on the Lisbon Treaty. The treaty will only be subjected to the democratic scrutiny of people in Ireland. As there appears to be a fear of referenda in other states, the Dublin MEP has rightly asked: "Who fears democracy? Who fears the voice of the people? We talk the talk of democracy but walk the walk of a deeper centralisation of power. How can we speak the language of peace yet commit to further increase the Union's military spending and support the continuing development of the armaments industry in Europe? Why do we insist on emulating the United States? Do we really believe that creating its European equivalent will promote a peaceful world?" Free article

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