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19 September 2002 Edition

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PSNI harass Armagh supporters

The PSNI has been accused of bigoted mean-spiritedness after threatening Armagh GAA fans with prosecution for erecting bunting and painting kerbstones in the run up to this Sunday's All-Ireand football final.

"In the run up to the All-Ireland final Armagh fans have naturally displayed their support for the team in every village in the area," said Sinn Féin councillor Elena Martin. "However, over the weekend the PSNI have visited a number of homes in Meigh and Silverbridge and threatened people that they are liable to prosecution because bunting has been erected and kerbstones have been painted Orange for the occasion. This is in complete contrast to any action taken by the PSNI in relation to loyalist areas in Belfast, which are saturated with paramilitary flags and every kerbstone painted red white and blue.

"Once again, this is an example of the sectarian and bigoted nature of the PSNI, when nationalists attempt to publicly display their culture. It is ironic that Gaelic football fans are being treated in this fashion while the GAA is planning to host a challenge football match between the PSNI and the Gardaí next month."

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