18 July 2002 Edition

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'Joyrider' released on continuing bail

A number of children had a lucky escape on the Nursery Road in Armagh last week when a stolen car was crashed. The car had been stolen by two thieves earlier and driven at high speed through a number of areas.

However there was an added twist to the incident when earlier, the thieves stopped to give a man a lift. This man, who was on his way home having had a few drinks, accepted the lift thinking that there was nothing wrong but soon realised that that was not the case. When the car sped off in the direction of Callan Street, screeching around corners and taking traffic calming measures at speed, he asked to be dropped off. The two occupants refused and continued on their 'joyride', completely ignoring the dangers that they were putting themselves and everyone else in. Eventually, at the back of the Windmill Hill and after bouncing over the speed tables all the way through the area, the car slowed enough for the man to jump from it. Even though the car had slowed it was still travelling fast enough for the man in question to receive several injuries. He also had to make a run for it when the driver stopped and reversed the car at him.

Having given up their reluctant passenger, the thieves carried on for a short distance before crashing the car, narrowly missing a number of children who had been attending a nearby 'kiddies disco.' The driver of the car is reported to be a well-known hood; originally from Belfast and after the incident he was arrested by the RUC. He was subsequently released on continuing bail, having already been granted bail for a previous incident.

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