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6 September 2001 Edition

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Still no justice for McBride family

Tuesday, 4 September marked the ninth anniversary of the 1992 killing by two Scots Guards of Peter McBride in North Belfast. Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher remain in the British Army.

The McBride family have judicially reviewed the decisions of two separate Army Boards to allow Wright and Fisher to remain in the British Army. The decision on the second judicial review is expected to be announced soon.

Jean McBride, mother of the victim, said: ``It's nine years since Peter was taken from us. Who would have believed nine years ago that the two men convicted in a court of law of his murder would have been allowed to remain in the British Army?

``John Reid was one of many who played a disgraceful role in this whole affair. He refused to meet me while Minister of State for the Armed Forces but met with campaigners for the Guardsmen and expressed `concern' that they were even in prison.

``Prime Minister Tony Blair allowed his senior ministers to sit on Army Boards and rubber stamp these decisions. Have they no shame, no compassion, no sense of injustice?

``For Peter's sake, my family will pursue this until justice is done. If needs be, we will travel to Germany and let the German people know that convicted murderers, armed and dangerous, are in their country. The past nine years have been nine years of shame but we will continue if it takes another nine years.''


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