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27 July 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Can John White as a member of the UDP - the party responsible for the UFF - not have more influence on the ground in getting this mural removed once and for all?

Relative of a loyalist massacre on the mural on the Shankill Road glorifying UFF atrocities over the years.

The most disturbing aspect of the case is that Mr Deery was on the verge of being charged and remanded on charges of assaulting police. When the RUC realised it had all been captured on television, he was released.

Solicitor Paddy McDermott acting for Paddy Deery, who was being charged with assault on the RUC in Derry, until they realised TV evidence showed the contrary.

Despite the glowing statistics, welcome as they are, the reality is that entire sections of the community have yet to hear the Celtic Tiger's roar.

Editorial, Irish Examiner, 21 July.

What he didn't mention was that a ban on corporate donations would hit Fianna Fáil hard. Having to manage on public funding would spancil a party used to having the dosh to swagger across the political stage, if the occasion demanded it.

Irish Examiner correspondent Katie Hannon on why Bertie won't ban corporate funding to political parties in the 26 Counties.

There can be little doubt that this was part of a securocrat agenda which is still intent on subverting the peace process. This agenda is still very much evident, in the way the demilitarisation and policing issues are bein gmishandled by the British Government.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on the news that former direct ruler Mo Mowlam authorised the use of bugging equipment on a car used by the Sinn Féin leadership.

In all, 323 Argentinian sailors, died that day during the Falklands War, after Margaret jumped put of the wrong side of the bed. Just try to imagine the Iron Lady locked up behind iron bars, or locked up anywhere for that matter. Now, stop smiling.

Liam Hayes on the news that the European Court of Human Rights are considering a case for compensation from Britain and a war crimes trial for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's decision to sink the Argentinian ship Belgrano in 1982. Ireland on Sunday 23 July.

If the man has any decency or moral fibre left in him at thi stage, he will, at last, attempt to to help cleanse the face of Irish politics. He can still undo much of the damagehe has done to politics - and to the faith which the people of this country had in good, honest government - by detailing his sins of the past and asking for forgiveness.

Editorial in last Sunday's Ireland On Sunday on Charles Haughey.

The only way to remove any threat of groups like that is to show that politics works and through politics all shades of opinion, even theirs, can be accomodated... they demonstrate by their actions that they are the enemies of peace.

Sinn Féin chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin on the so-called `Real IRA'.

This week is a significant week in the peace process... The release of political prisoners will be welcomed by all of those who want the peace process to work. It is clear that for a conflict resolution process to succeed it requires ex-combatants.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly on prisoners releases last Monday.

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