22 June 2000 Edition

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Cherry evidence slams mobile phones


Mobile phones are a serious health hazard and users are exposed to a higher microwave exposure than is allowed worldwide for military personnel. This was the message brought to Dublin this week by Dr Neil Cherry from New Zealand.

Cherry, a renowned physicist, was speaking last Monday in Dublin at the request of Communities Against Microwave Radiation (CAMR). He is due to make a presentation on the issue to the European Parliament next week.

Collette O'Connell of CAMR said at the meeting that the ``injurious effects of low level microwaves are known to a sufficient number of people - the government has been forewarned''.

Cherry maintains that levels of melatonin, a hormone that prepares us for sleep and purifies our biological system, are reduced as a result of mobile phone usage. This, he says, leads to a great number of different bodily malfunctions and diseases, including cancer, reproductive damage and heart trouble.

While a Motorola-sponsored report on the effects of cellular phones on human beings contradicts the findings of Cherry and others, the physicist claims foul play by the company. The decision by the Clinton administration in the USA to allow Motorola compile their own statistics also allowed them to manipulate and falsify information, he claims. The company have already tried to suppress one damning study which they had themselves funded and are intent on keeping the truth from the public, he claims.

While Cherry says that his own findings revealed that hands free kits reduce the microwave output to the brain from mobiles to 3%, this does not prevent harm to other parts of the body. Only one device he has seen, an anti-microwave covering which encases the whole phone is, he believes, effective.

Cherry is calling on legislators to make obligatory the labeling of mobile phones to show their microwave exposures. The lobby to reveal the realities of mobile phone usage, he believes, is now more than a scientific struggle, but is a political one also.

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