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23 March 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

The continued questions and suspicions surrounding her death make our loss even more painful to bear. Today, we are asking you to take direct responsibility for delivering truth and justice to Rosemary and her family.

Rosemary Nelson's husband Paul, in an open letter to Tony Blair seeking a public inquiry into the Lurgan solicitor's death last year

It is a lawless part of the country.

British Army spokesperson on South Armagh last week

We would totally discredit what the British Army is saying. They are the only ones with guns in South Armagh and we are questioning whether they actually want peace.

South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee spokesperson Toni Caraher in response to the insult

Their attitude suggests they have learned nothing from the deaths of Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finucane. If any solicitor has a compelling case for protection then it is Pádraigín Drinan.

Irish News editorial on the anniversary of Rosemary Nelson's death slamming the RUC's failure to grant protection to Pádraigín Drinan, who succeeded Nelson as legal representative to the Garvaghy Road residents

There is an element within our party who would like to see Stormont closed and who would support the idea there should not be a Catholic about the place.

UUP chief whip Jim Wilson

Clearly this person has access to security files - whether or not he is a member of the RIR. Either way there are questions for the Ministry of Defence.

Sinn Féin's Michelle Gildernew on the discovery of a list containing republican names and car registrations in an RIR member's wallet, which was handed in to Sinn Féin

I think what is going to happen at some time over the next five or ten years is that there will be a referendum, a referendum which will be on union with Dublin.

Tory Norman Tebbit on what shape he thinks Ireland's future will take

I took my first ecstasy in a Belfast nightclub with a couple of Para mates. I even know soldiers who went out on patrol in West Belfast in full battle gear with loaded assault rifles, tripping their heads off.

Former British soldier, who claimed to have made £4,000 a week selling drugs to fellow squaddies whilst serving in the Six Counties

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