21 October 1999 Edition

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RUC supply files

Sinn Fein's Martin Meehan has claimed that information contained on a loyalist leaflet urging the assassination of nationalists could only have come from RUC files.

The leaflet, entitled ``The Sentinel'', is a four-page document which names North and West Belfast men as prominent members of the IRA and links them to a number of killings which it claims they carried out.

The leaflet also prints their personal details, including addresses and car registration plates.

Full of anti-Catholic rantings, the leaflet also attacks a number of Sinn Féin and SDLP members for giving ``lip service to the IRA''.

The attacks, however, are not limited to nationalists and republicans. The leaflet accuses prominent unionists of concealing their homosexuality and of beating their wives.

It also makes threats against Catholics attending the East Antrim College of Further and Higher Education, scene of recent publicity surrounding the removal of a Union Jack from the premises, saying, ``if they keep this whinging up, we will make sure that no Catholic sets foot in the place. This applies to any other establishment as well''.

Meehan said: ``I have no doubt that some of the more sensitive information in this leaflet has come from RUC files. The personal information, along with details of arrests and questioning, are classic examples of the kind of thing that the RUC have been routinely leaking to loyalists for decades.''

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