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4 August 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Put yourself in the position of the families. If you had a loved one shot on Bloody Sunday by a British paratrooper, would you think it was good enough 27 years later to hear that he was killed by a letter of the alphabet?

Solicitor for Bloody Sunday victims Greg McCartney last week after a Court of Appeal in London confirmed an anonymity ruling for paratroopers involved on Bloody Sunday


Mr Bruton's eagerness to attack Sinn Féin, and to deny our electorate their democratic rights and entitlements, is at odds with his alleged support for the peace process and is in stark contrast to his attitude to unionism. While Sinn Féin has worked diligently to build the peace process in the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, the unionist leaderships have subverted and obstructed it at every opportunity.

Gerry Adams on John Bruton's latest negative comments


Who the British Secretary of State is is a matter for the British prime minister and we have no further comment to make other than that.

Sinn Féin spokeperson on last week's decision that Mo Mowlam was staying on


Unionists don't fear the gun; if they did they wouldn't hold thousands themselves. What unionism really fears is the ballot box because without their old friend Gerry Mander they can't control the outcome. For some unionists this may be a bitter pill to swallow, but as the phrase nationalist minority rapidly approaches oxymoron status, it's pro

Letter in the Irish News, Thursday 29 July


The government was right to relent and allow asylum seekers to take up work... Quite obviously, many of them will have skills which should be in demanded by Irish employers, although their availability should not be seen as a means of cheap labour.

Editorial in last Friday's Examiner


We do have very deep divisions remaining in our society. Almost one-fifth of our citizens still live below the poverty line; we have been found to have the second-highest level of poverty in the industrialised world for the second year in a row; our levels of adult illiteracy are second only to Poland's.

Tim Pat Coogan, Ireland On Sunday, 1 August


Racism or any philosophy of supremacy must be addressed in personal life, in school curriculums, in the content of the media, and cannot be erased just by economic formulas.

U.S. California State Senator Tom Hayden, delivering the seventh annual Frank Cahill Lecture for the West Belfast Economic Forum, in which he compared the problems faced by Catholics in the Six Counties to those faced by minorities in the United States


Nationalists find it offensive that the RUC is being described as the best police force to police a divided society.

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey, on BBC Radio, critcising Britain's decision to send 60 RUC members to Kosovo as part of a peace-keeping force.

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