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4 August 1999 Edition

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Back issue: Twenty years too long - Belfast mobilises

Belfast's annual anti-internment demonstration has the theme `Demand Irish Freedom - Troops Out Now. Held every year on the anniversary of the introduction of internment without trial in August 1971, the Belfast march has always been a major focus of national and international opposition to British rule in Ireland.

A special feature of the demonstration has been the participation of groups from abroad - especially Britain and the United States - who come to express their solidarity with the nationalist people. The march takes on an added significance this year as the 20th anniversary of British troops' redeployment is marked and 20 years of resistance is celebrated.

The main event in Britain, marking the 20th anniversary of the deployment of British troops in the Six Counties, is the Time To Go March and Carnival in London on 12 August.

The organisers are predicting that the event will be the largest ever of its kind.

An Phoblacht, Thursday 3 August, 1991

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