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29 April 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

There is the issue of the background of fairly strong allegations of threats and intimidation directed at Rosemary Nelson by RUC officers that I think stand up, quite frankly. They are of the opinion that these allegations are of more than merit... Concerns have been raised by probably everybody that I have spoken to about the ability of the RUC to conduct the investigation in an impartial and thorough manner on their own.

Bertie Ahern, Thursday 22 April.


Good Americans need lots of guns to protect themselves from Bad Americans.

Cartoon in Thursday's Irish News on American Gun Culture.


I have no confidence at all in her [Mo Mowlam] intentions of triggering d'Hondt. The institutions under the Agreement should have been in place by the latest last autumn. So I think her credibility on this issue, and she will admit this herself, is non-existent.

Gerry Adams on Mo Mowlam's handling of the present impasse last week.


Trying to fight a war with one hand tied behind your back is the way to lose it.

`War-War' talk from the `Iron Lady' herself Margaret Thatcher, commenting on the NATO bombings.


It does not take a doctorate in astrophysics to detect the difference between propaganda and reporting.

TV interviewer Jeremy Paxman on the reporting of the NATO bombing.


It is a good thing that David Trimble has met the Pope. Perhaps he will now meet with his Catholic neighbours and constituents of the Garvaghy Road.

Gerry Adams after David Trimble met the Pope in Rome last week.


It is unbelievable that this meeting is actually taking place... We all knew he was a traitor.

Portadown Orangeman Ivor Young on the meeting. Irish Times, Friday 23 April.


When we were in the car I asked who they were and they said: `We're the UFF'. I remember one of them saying to me: `Once I get you out of the car I'm going to cut your throat.'

John Brady's account of being abducted with his cousin John Dickson by loyalists on the Whiterock Road in Belfast.


Our view is if you park the peace process there will be no Good Friday Agreement to come back to. It will be gone. There will be nothing to come back to. We know what the loyalists are going to do this marching season, everybody knows. There could be members of this assembly dead by the time this summer is over as a result of the activities of those people. You can't afford, even to consider for a moment, parking the peace process.

Sinn Féin Chairman Mitchel McLaughlin. Irish News, Monday 26 April.


They'll start bombing bakeries next, because the military also eat bread.

Serbian civil servant on NATO's choice of targets. Irish Times, Monday 26 April.


The Orange Order has in recent times given occasion to its enemies to damn it, while at the same time making it almost impossible for its friends to support it.

Roy Garland, the Irish News, Monday 26 April

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