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25 March 1999 Edition

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UDA leader linked to neo-nazi group

The UDA leader in London is at the centre of a British police probe into links between loyalists organisations, neo-nazi groups and British soldiers.

The leading loyalist, who has served time in prison for gun smuggling, is associated with leading Combat 18 figures and was a member of a stewarding group at Apprentice Boys parades in London.

The race hate group Combat 18 has infiltrated British army regiments and intends to join up with the LVF.

It has emerged that, as well as the Parachute Regiment and the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, soldiers connected to a Scottish army unit which served in the North are under investigation.

Several members of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders have been interviewed at their Redford Barracks base in Edinburgh.

Combat 18, whose slogan is ``White Revolution is the Only Solution'' is thought to have 200 members and has developed links with neo-nazi groups in Germany and Scandinavia.

Recruitment to the organisation is generated through racist magazines and soccer matches.

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