10 December 1998 Edition

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IRA continues search for missing bodies

In a statement released on Monday through the Irish Republican Publicity Bureau in Dublin, and signed by P O'Neill, the IRA has declared that its efforts to find the bodies of people killed and buried by the IRA are continuing.

In their statement the IRA called on anyone with information which may help them find the graves of the missing to pass on the information to either the IRA or the families concerned.

The full text of the statement reads:

``Oglaigh na hEireann investigations into the whereabouts of the bodies of a small number of people killed and buried by the IRA over 20 years ago are continuing.

``We urge anyone with information which may be of assistance in identifying the location of the grave of any of these people to pass this information to ourselves or to the family of the person concerned.

``Any information passed to the IRA concerning these matters will be treated in strictest confidence and without prejudice to the source''.

Last Friday Sinn Fein's Alex Maskey likewise called for ``anyone with information about the missing people'' to pass it on to their families.

Maskey's plea came after Helen McKendry, whose mother Jean McConville is one of the missing, told reporters that an IRA source told her the IRA had killed her mother.

Maskey said, ``the people with information about the location of Mrs McConville's body should immediately give it to her family''.

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