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5 November 1998 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Are the British government and the British Army trying to tell another nationalist that you just don't count? These two are out on licence as convicted murderers. I don't understand why they are finding it so difficult to put [them] out of the army.

Jean McBride, mother of the North Belfast teenager murdered by two Scots Guards, asking why the two soldiers haven't been dismissed from the British Army.


The only way that we can decommission the arms is for the government to deal firmly with Sinn Féin/IRA - give us another Loughgall where the SAS moved in and dealt firmly and wiped out a full community, a full terrorist organisation in the Tyrone area.

DUP Assembly member Paul Berry speaking in the Assmebly last week.


Who wants the skills of a prison officer?

Finlay Spratt on impending prison officer redundancies.


If they (Donegal Celtic) do play the RUC, I will never set foot in that club again.

Lenadoon resident on the forthcoming match between the club and the RUC. Irish News, Friday 30 October.


Attempts by the police authority or any other organisation interested in preserving existing policing arrangements will under no circumstances be supported by Sinn Féin.

Sinn Féin Councillor Bobby Lavery after Sinn Féin representatives walked out of a Belfast City Council Policy and Resources Committee meeting prior to it being addressed by the Police Authority.


He has said that he will continue to oppose Sinn Féin who know that he is their ``deadly enemy''. He can't be that deadly. Sinn Féin flourishes while he goes into political oblivion, a metaphor for the man's political career.

Tim Pat Coogan on Conor Cruise O'Brien. Ireland On Sunday, 1 November.


In times of uncertainty the Orange Card is played, whatever the name of the group is, and those who in any way open up divisions and speak along sectraian lines cannot absolve themselves from responsibility.

Gerry Adams after the loyalist killling of nationalist man Brian Service last Saturday morning. Irish News, 2 November.


There is concern among nationalists that the group calling itself the Red Hand Defenders is simply a flag of convenience for one of the larger loyalist groupings.

Sinn Féin Councillor for North Belfast Mick Conlon calling for the release of forensic details on the weapon used to kill Brian Service. Monday 2 November.


We have made many attempts to encourage Councillor Mackey to resign from the council. He secured the seat on a Sinn Féin ticket. He should before now have honoured his pledge of office to Sinn Féin and indeed the electorate and done the honourable thing and resigned.

Sinn Féin Chair of Omagh Council Seán Clarke on Francie Mackey, ex-Sinn Féin councillor, now `32-County Sovereignty Committee.


It poses questions in relation to the security of people going to the civic centre. We weren't aware there would be several hundred loyalists at the building. And comments were made as we passed.

Garvaghy Road Councillor Breandan Mac Cionnaith demanding answers after an Orange rally was held in Craigavon Civic Centre, after the event was billed as an evening of Portadown heritage.

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